Here are the comics I picked up on Wednesday this week. (july 20th, 2011)


My Comic Book Haul


Charismagic #1
I was missing Charismagic #1, although I had the others. So I held off reading any of them until I picked this one up. Love the cover with the glowing tattoo. Going to read the first three issues and see what I think. I will let you know.

The Walking Dead #87
The latest Walking Dead is out. The comic has been strong from the beginning and continues to hold my attention. If you only know the AMC series, you should definitely give this series a try.

Conan: Island of No Return #2
The Conan books have been hit or miss for me for a while now. The amazing work they did starting with the Frost Giants Daughter, with writing by Kurt Busiek and art by Cary Nord, has faded into generic attempts at action and mediocre artwork the last year or so.  I cut my fantasy teeth reading the original Conan book by Robert Howard and then the later ones by Robert Jordan (yeah, THAT Robert Jordan) so I still grab them when they come out, if only because Conan has such a strong place in my heart. I do love then cover on this one, the sunlight on the blade gives it a magical quality. We shall see if the interior artwork can live up to that promise.

DMZ #67
Another series that has been pretty strong since the beginning. I would love to see this story of war ravaged New York City in the middle of a modern American civil war done well on a channel with guts, like HBO or AMC. Some powerful storytelling here by one of my favorite writers, Brain Wood. I have not read any of these in a while, so I think its time to sit down and catch up because according to the cover, The End is Nigh!

Rocketeer #3
Playing into the steampunk movement, the new rockateer stuff look interesting. I am sucker for this aesthetic, with its airships and biplanes and 1930’s era cars. I hope the stories are as good.

Witchdocter #2
I do not know much about this book, but the preview I read in the back of a copy of The Walking Dead intrigued me enough to pick this one up. Looks twisted and fun.

The Haunted City #0
What is it with numbering the first issue of comics as 0? Seems to be happening a lot lately. Well this one has a great cover that totally intrigued me. I love it. Otherwise, it is a complete unknown. I look forward to exploring its secrets.