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Moleskin Notebook by yuheitomiI cannot find my moleskin notebook. I have not been able to find it for almost a week now. This bothers me more than I expected it would and not for the reasons I expected it would.

There is so much information in there, so many ideas and notes, scribbles of thoughts and doodles of thoughts. Drawings and sketches. I plan my dungeons and dragons games in there. I brainstorm ideas for wimgo in there. I make lists of things that need to be done for the okcCoCo in there. There is alot of stuff in the notebook. 

So, of course, I thought I would be upset to lose those, but surprisingly, it is the missing potential that I miss the most. The possibility that those blank pages represent. I feel like my ideas are being held back now, with no place to go. Opening a new text file doesn't seem to be good enough. Or maybe typing my ideas seems to restrictive. I am too visual to really flow that way. I want to let my thought go where they go, easily from word to sketch and back again. Typing cannot achieve that for me.

Maybe I will go get a new one at lunch.


EDIT:  Problem Solved.

Awesome Pacman Moleskin


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