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searching for the classics


I have been playing around on Goodreads the last few days, looking at some of the classic science fiction books that I never managed to read. I really want to spend some more time in those worlds and have decided that instead of buying a shiny new paperback of the books I want to read, I am going to spend time in used bookstores around OKC until I find the one I want. I am going to turn it into a game of sorts. A quest. Seems appropriate somehow.

The first book I will be looking for. A Canticle for Leibowitz. read more »

New Comics for Weds July 27th, 2001

 It's new comic book day!  What's on your pull list today?

Here are the books I am excited about, or at least curious about... 

The CapeThe Cape.

This is not related to, nor based on, the NBC tv show. It is a dark, fairly mean, story of a boy that finds a cape, and in turn finds more power than his young mind knows how to handle. This one may or may not make it into my pull list permanently, depending on how they handle the main character. 
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Color App

Color App from color.comSome friends and I met up at Tokyo Sushi today for sushi and to try out the Color App with a group of people. (Well mainly for the amazing sushi there..yum)  But I was really curious to see what the color app would be like in a crowd of other users.

Tanner Herriot decided to bring his camera and we filmed a short impromtu review of the app.

You can see the video after the jump

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Where the Wind...

Open Beta 6 Live Viewing Party

yolks-big grin

Want to go to SXSW and attend Open Beta, but can't afford it? (Me Either!) So come hang out with us in OKC instead!!


I will be hosting a live viewing party of Open Beta 6 on monday night at the Oklahoma City Coworking Collaborative. If you cannot make it to Austin for the actual event, join me in here OKC instead! There will be free beer and snacks available and we will be streaming a live video feed from the event itself. read more »

Lost My Thoughts

yolks-shocked look

Moleskin Notebook by yuheitomiI cannot find my moleskin notebook. I have not been able to find it for almost a week now. This bothers me more than I expected it would and not for the reasons I expected it would. read more »

Waking Up Earlier Part 2


A short time ago, I wrote about trying to teach myself to wake up earlier than I normally would. Not being a morning person, I knew this would be a very big challenge.  Of course, almost immediately after deciding to do this, I was punished with death flu and stayed in bed for a solid week with fevers and sweating and misery. Needless to say, the concept of waking up on regular schedule went completely out the window.  read more »

Eye of the Storm


This is a wonderful video a friend of mine pointed me to earlier today. It is gorgeous and surreal with a lovely asthetic that I want for a movie right now. Someone give these guys movie to make me a movie!


Early Bird


I need to be awake while I work. Photo by code_martial on flickrInteresting article on changing your sleep habits to become a early bird:

As a lot of developers, I used to be a night owl. Coding/hacking/writing on personal projects during the night, then struggling to wake up every single morning. read more »